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Our Fun & Wellness Gift Set is a unique combination of fun and wellness! This gift set consists of a 2 serving vial of our Unicorn Cocoa and 60ct organic gummies (kids or original).

Kids and adults alike love Jodi's Unicorn Cocoa and its vibrant pink color! Made pink with a delicious (dye free) blend of white cocoa mix, elderberry, dragonfruit and beetroot its the perfect gift for those cold winter months!! It is adorned with a vial of mini marshmallows and a fun sprinkle mixture (sprinkles are not dye free, but available dye free upon request). For full ingredient list, please go to the unicorn cocoa product link. CONTAINS MILK, SOY.

Organic Kid's elderberry gummies are a great treat to the kids and parents love the clean ingredients! Keep the kids well this season with a supplement that the kids are happy to take! It's a tasty treat of wellness! 

Organic elderberry gummies are great for on the go or travel.  Keep them at your desk or in the car so you don't forget to take your daily dose! Travels well in your suitcase or carry on!

For full ingredient list, please go to the organic gummies product link.

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Fun & Wellness Gift Set - Kid's organic elderberry gummies