Hi, I'm

Jodi Keegan

I started Jodi's Elderberry Syrup in my home kitchen, making elderberry syrup for my family to keep them well and boost their immunity.

In September of 2017, my business quickly grew through word of mouth from friends, family and local moms groups. I was making syrup and meeting customers in grocery store parking lots and selling it out of the back of my vehicle.

As my knowledge has grown, so has my business! My syrup is now made in a certified, commercial kitchen and is inspected by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. It is sold in numerous locations from central to eastern North Carolina and now that I have expanded my business online, several other states have begun to carry my products! I now offer a variety of elderberry products including gummies, teas, jams, honey and more.

My top priorities are quality ingredients, the health and safety of my customers and excellent customer service.


I am so thankful for all of the support I have received for my Elderberry Syrup. If you have not tried it yet, read below to see what other customers are saying.

“I was getting a terrible cold yesterday and a friend of mine brought me some of your syrup. I started taking it yesterday and took it today and already are feeling better. I Googled it and found out that is also good for osteoarthritis which I have so I will definitely be keeping it on hand”

Martha Deans

“Our family loves this syrup and swears by it especially during flu season! We do not get flu shots as I have a suppressed immune system and our family gets negative reactions from the shot. This syrup has protected my family even through the worst flu seasons yet and we have yet to get it since using it! With a toddler that loves to get out and play with his friends and me pregnant with twins and a husband who has a job where he is in direct contact all day with the public this syrup is our saving grace! It also helps that my whole family thinks it’s delicious too! Thank you Jodi”

Rachel Marie

“Jodi takes great pride in having the best possible product! She uses local honey and has spent a lot of time finding hte best sources for her ingredients. She has been so professional and helpful the multiple times I have purchased from her. Her product has been so helpfulfor my family during this nasty cold and flu season! I highly recommend her to anyone who asks!”

Lyssa Anne

“One day I wasn’t feeling well and happened to see a post for Jodi’s Elderberry. I decided to purchase it and give it a try. I was not disappointed! The syrup definitely made me feel better and has since become a regular for me. I’ve recommended Jodi’s syrup to everyone I know. The only thing better than the syrup is the amazing customer service I’ve received every time I have made a purchase.”

Eric Vinson

“My husband and I absolutely LOVE Jodi's Elderberry Syrup! It's delicious! We both work in healthcare and are exposed to all sorts of crud every day. We take a spoon every morning to start our day (or add it to our morning shake), and take a couple spoons throughout the day when we feel like we might be starting to fight something off - we swear by it! My parents and some family just moved to the area and I'm about to get all of them some to help keep their immunity up too. I love that it's locally made, with amazing local ingredients, and we can just pop in to a variety of local small business locations to pick up a jar! Thank you, Jodi, for such an amazing product right in our backyard! ❤️”

Stephanie Kaiser

“My kids LOVE Jodi’s Elderberry Syrup. Our family has been taking it every day this winter, and we have been healthy!”

Rebecca Rene

“I purchased this for myself and one for my baby (under 1). She and I both love it. She is super excited when it’s time for her special treat. I’m happy to have something to give her that’s natural. Very thankful for this product.”

Kelly C. Johnson

“Ok… I know it’s not possible that this syrup is magic… I KNOW THAT. But I’ll say it. It’s magic. My son spiked a fever of 102 and was so lethargic. I was picking up syrup an hour later and he woke up with NO FEVER! Back to his normal self! He loves the flavor so much and and is always asking for more “Brown Medicine” haha thanks Jodi!”

Toni Keniston

“I have been taking Jodi’s elderberry syrup every day for over 2 years. I haven’t been sick since, not even a sniffle! Jodi’s elderberry syrup tastes soo good, try it-you won’t be disappointed! (And I just bought the elderberry gummies for my husband, he loves them!)”

E. H.

“After Covid began last year my wife and I researched Elderberry and wanted to try it. We didn't know that our neighborhood had someone that made it from scratch. I reached out to her and literally got my 1st bottle the same day. I got another bottle recently and love the organic lemon juice. Jodi is the real deal! I recommended her to my cousin and she received hers in the mail days later. Check her out.”

Stan McClarin

“My family and I have been using Jodi’s Elderberry syrup for almost 3 years. We started using it when my husband was diagnosed with cancer and needed to start chemo. I wanted myself and 2 kids to build up our immune systems to keep from bringing extra germs in the house. My husband started taking it once his treatment finished. We have continued to take throughout the pandemic while also working on the front lines in healthcare and industry and have remain healthy. We recently also started getting the gummies. These have been great for our family traveling and for my husband who is on the road for work frequently. The gummies allow us to easily keep taking elderberry daily to keep our health a priority! We have recommended Jodi’s syrup to many others who have begun taking and vow by it now! Another perk is it’s tasty, neither of our young children have every fought us in taking!”

Morgan Burns